I bought my lease on Monday. I want to thank you so much for all the effort you put into it over the years for the leaseholders. This saga has taken so many twists, but it is now concluded.

R. R. Senutovitch

I am providing written notification that I have recently sold my condo (Park at Pearlridge) and will no longer require your services. Over the years, I have found the information in your newsletter to be a great help in making decisions regarding my property – well worth the initial investment to enter your program. I wish to thank you for your time and effort in this endeavor.

C. Takano

I just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I (as I am sure do the other owners) appreciate your work on the Atkinson Plaza fee conversion. I never thought it would happen. And that it did, and so quickly, is amazing (and at a great price!). It’s a dream come true as this literally completes the dream of home ownership. Thank you so much!!

D. Shackelford

I am a homeowner at Waiau Gardens Court and would like to express my appreciation to you and your company in helping us with the lease-fee issue with Kamehameha Schools. I believe we have received excellent representation and more importantly, peace of mind in not having to deal directly with Savio and KS. The fee we will pay once negotiations have been completed with KS, is a small price for the service you have provided us over the years. Thank you for keeping us informed and keep up the good work.

T. Peris

Thank you so much for your talk today to the Hawaii Economic Association on the ‘Leasehold Fee Conversion Update’ for 2005. Your talk gave me, and I’m sure many others, tremendous insight into a very complex issue, and your handouts provided a really useful summary of the current situation.

J. M. Knox, President

Thank you both so much for the beautiful goody baskets!  Thank you again for your thoughtfulness (not to metion the wonderful job you did with our lease conversion!!!).

S. Gregg, Regional Vice President Hawaii, Certified Management, Inc.

This week I will complete the fee purchase for my Kuapa Isle home. I thank you for taking on the whole leased fee issue from a business perspective and keeping me educated.

B. Chapman

Just a quick note to express our sincere thanks for you efforts in making the recent purchase of the fee at 444 Nahua. This has been a lengthy project but at long last a very successful one. Your company was very professional and your expertise was highly visible during all of the meeting and negotiations. Thank you as individual owners of units, as well as current Board members of the Association.

G. Morrisey, Secretary and M. Morrisey, Director

The Board of Directors at Tropic Gardens has asked me to convey our gratitude for all the hard work you did on our behalf. Your rapport with Bishop Estate helped immensely, I’m sure, and we appreciated your keeping us informed every step of the way. You took the time to attend many of our meetings and we thank you for the successful outcome of the lease rent negotiations.

P. Block, Secretary

I just want to express my thanks to Michael Pang for all those many updates we are receiving (at no additional cost) in regards to lease-to-fee conversion.  You’re showing integrity and consistency.  May God bless you richly.

E. and K. Kitagawa, Waiau Gardens Kai D

Thank you for your letter dated September 15, 2000. Those of us from Moiliili Gardens who were in attendance are grateful to your for having included us. Please keep up your good and important work for fairness in the leasehold rent renegotiation and fee conversion marketplace.

B. Eckmann, Realtor

I am the owner of a unit at Foster Tower and was delighted that MPI has been retained to help us in this specialized process of fee conversion.  Thank you for seeking, negotiating and coordinating the lease-to-fee conversion of Foster Tower on the owner’s behalf and for looking after our best interests.

G. Lee, Australia

Thank you so much for your time, your information, and your advice. We feel so fortunate to have someone like you helping the community become educated in dealing with lease rent and lease fee conversions. Also, because of you we have been able to achieve a settlement without going through the lengthy and expensive arbitration process. On behalf of our group at Marina Palms, ‘Mahalo Nui Loa!

R. and K. Salazar, Dr. H. Noll, S. Dowling, S. Tse, G. and S. Fruth and Mr. and Mrs. T. Tsurutani

Thank you so much for agreeing to speak at our annual meeting on April 25th. I heard nothing but good things after from my board members and they are hoping that you are still active with rent renegotiations when ours comes up in 2002. Your presentation was truly appreciated and I thank you on behalf of the concerned owners of Ridgeway B-II.

E. Takayama, President

The Board of Directors of AOAO The Palms, Inc. wishes to extend their appreciation for your recent efforts in pursuing the issue of Lease Rent Renegotiation/Arbitration with First Hawaiian Bank. The lessees consider the arbitration settlement fair and equitable and appreciate your part in assisting them in this very complex process.

D. Phillips, President and M. Monaco, Secretary

My son, James, and myself are just so delighted to now own the fee-simple on our apartment…a dream now realized. This all due to the long hours and hard work you have done on our behalf. We both thank you so very, very much.

J. and J. Bonham

To everyone at Monarch Properties, Inc.,
It is such a pleasure to work with people who know what they are doing. Thank you very much for your help and perseverance in attaining this momentous goal. Mahalo.

D. Waitherwerch, Board President

I wish to thank you for the many long hours and hard work that you put in on behalf of the successful lease-to-fee conversion for the Piikoi Plaza group. Your constant communication and upbeat tone helped to keep us together and going to the end!

R. A. Criley

I cannot say enough about the courtesy and professionalism I have experienced from Monarch at every contact: from the moment the phone was answered or the door to the office was opened.  This team was put together by Mike Pang and it is to Mike especially that Kahala Gardens owes an enormous depth of gratitude.  Personally I admire Mike’s open and frank approach and above all his professionalism, integrity and expertise in his field.  It has been a pleasure and an education to work with him.

M. Ichikawa

On behalf of the Board and myself, I would also like to thank you both for all you’ve done to make this day a reality; your commitment and dedication to the process has made it possible for the majority of Kailani apartment owners, me included, to really own the place we live in.  And the word thank you really does you no justice, I’m sure you’ve always taken the road less traveled and by doing so you have made it possible for the rest of us to have a clearer view of what lays ahead and for that my friend I thank you.  Now the AOAO can move forward and look ahead to renovating the place.

L. Grandison

Thank you so much for hosting that excellent dinner. It was a wonderful way to celebrate a momentous occasion for all of us at Makiki Manor! We had all worked so hard and long with your leadership and expertise. It was really a night to celebrate!

E. Chu

The Board of Directors of Pacific Manor wish to thank you most sincerely for all you have done for their fee conversion.  It is most appreciated!

J. Yates, Senior Management Executive, Hawaiiana Management Company, Ltd.

This is just a short note expressing our appreciation of your continued efforts to keep us informed re: lease to fee conversion. In a situation that leaves us feeling helpless, it is reassuring to receive your newsletters and know that there are people working on our behalf.

J. and P. Belair