Besides its sought-after representation services, MPI has successfully completed a wide variety of consulting assignments, some of them being fairly distinctive in nature.

A number of these assignments have involved our expertise, opinions and advice in leasehold issues (fee conversions and rent renegotiations) and expert-witness matters regarding material fact disclosures and ethical professional standards.

Often, MPI’s ability to present ideas and concepts (sometimes complicated or potentially controversial in nature) in a straightforward and understandable manner has made a difference in getting results with an association’s membership. Most recently MPI was retained to assist a condo association in obtaining approval for amendments to authorize legitimate, but controversial, upgrades to the association’s common elements. MPI conceptualized and, upon Board approval, implemented a strategy that resulted in approval by the association’s members within 60 days, despite heavy opposition from a faction of owners.

Information and expertise can be useful and valuable in giving you an advantage, which often results in a financial benefit to the client. If you have an issue you think we may be able to help resolve, please ask about our consulting services.

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